CSTR for Aerobic or Anaerobic-continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor(CSTR)Anaerobic Digester

CSTR Digester consist of continuous Stirred tank reactor where continuous mixing of effuent and biomass take place with the help of central and lateral agitators. The essential feature of that the wash out of the active anaerobic bacterial biomass from the reactor is controlled by a sludge separator recycle system.

Feature of Anaerobic Digester
( CSTR) continuous Stirred tank reactor Anaerobic Digester

  • manage high suspension solids concentrations.
  • suitable for high protein , content waste
  • Suitable for grease ,fats, oil concentrations.
  • Suitable for low protein content waste.
  • No waste is too stronge . The system can handle, slurries or other concentrated waste waters.