About Us

Subhangi Clean Biofuel Pvt Ltd is clean- bio fuel company, it's objectives to produce clean and green ( Biofuel) and Supply all over India . when it's produce large size altimate in each farmers get hand job for produce raw material of nepier grass , cow dung, pressmud , poltry waste, and paraly which is use for produce CBG and ultimate support Economically strong of farmers.

When available and use large level Biomethane option to lower the carbon freight of the energy sector. In a future energy system that is increasingly fed by wind ,solar and biomass , renewable gases like Biogas and trend setting technologies like power to gas essential .

Our Mission
Save our Mother Earth to clean Biofuel in large level and stop killer fossil fuel in all over world reduce carbon, ultimate reduce Global warming to save forest, ultimate to save our earth Our Mission and Brand to achieve what has not been achieved hitherto and produce the world best products and services in terms of quality, reliability and performance to serve the biogas and translate our advanced technologies into value for our customers.

Our vision
We are achieved goal to produce clean biofuel in all over India and every and each farmer economically strong. (Our vision to create farmers not only “Annadatta” but also “Urza-datta” To solution our nation independent in fuel. In next 10 year India not import fuel but also world’s 20% fuels exporter.